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We have a combined staff experience of over 100 years in the green environment. Our hydroponics systems are cutting edge and can provide you with a competitive choice for growing your produce.

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For over a decade we have been providing information, systems and consulting services for the green environment.

"True organic" is our approach and we keep it all organic from the nutrients we feed the plants to the water and energy used to operate the facility. Learn More About Us

Our Projects

From state of the art and cutting edge hydroponics systems to green building projects and alternative energy solutions Hydronaturals® is taking the green environment to the next level.

We promote environmental protection, sustainability and conservation in every aspect of our business.

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Hydronaturals is committed to promoting the green environment and sustainability for future generations.
Taking part in the protection of our planet is a prime directive for everyone at Hydronaturals

Concentrated Solar

Concentrated solar power is efficient and takes up less land in comparison. Learn More >>>

Green Energy

Multiple forms of alternative energy can free us from fossil fuels.
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Salt Power

Salt is for more then just preserving and enhancing our food.
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Bio Fuels

Using bio fuels is okay as long as we don't use our food supply
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Methane capture can reduce greenhouse gas and be used as a fuel.
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Green Technology

Applying green technology creates a more sustainable environment.
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